It’s probably better to ask, “Why Shouldn’t You Do It.

The internet is alive and well with aspiration traps of entrepreneur culture and how to go from zero to hell yes in no time at all. Sure, there are outlier cases of right place, right time, right artificial PR-fueled brands that get their ‘trending’ moment, but the cold truth, friends, is that most of you won’t be walking any red carpets any time soon.

Still, you can make big things happen and make a pretty penny while you’re at it. Besides, you hate to flash photography and people asking you…

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So, you’ve decided to sell your bootstrapped business. Here’s how to value it properly so it actually sells

Imagine you’re at an interview.

You’re past the ‘why us?’ formalities.

You’ve spun your virtue crap about ‘wanting to work in a thriving environment with inspirational people’. You even managed to keep a straight face, hiding the fact you just want access to clients you can eventually steal to go solo.

It’s salary negotiation time.

They lowball you, citing your age. You resist the urge to wreck the place and storm out, opting instead to explain calmly that you were hoping for…

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Buying your first micro business is like getting married — It helps to have fumbled around finding the sweet spot before you sign the paperwork. Unlike marriage, doing it over and over is actually a lot of fun and will make you richer, not poorer, provided you know what you’re doing.

If you’ve already found that sweet spot, it’s because you’ve skipped meals, relationships and entire weekends tinkering with side projects, dropping the ball in sandbox mode and screw things without birthing future-wrecker problems you can’t solve.

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When dancing with potential buyers, bootstrappers have one distinct advantage over those treading the hot coals of the venture-backed game — because you’re a solo, full-stacked maker, you built it, so you know every inch like the back of your hand.

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What do you do?

That tiresome ice breaker people ask whenever you can be bothered to emerge from your favourite jungle of code to meet new people that might just restore your faith in humanity.

If you’re still rolling on the spot in that nine-to-five hamster wheel, chances are you die a little inside each time you answer with whatever title sits at the bottom of your email signature.

What you wish you could say is…

I’m a full-blown, nailed-on bootstrapper. What of it?”

And you’d take pleasure each time you had to explain what a bootstrapper does, like Superman…


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